Posted: Feb 21, 2023

Chapter & Events Manager

Application Deadline: Mar 3, 2023

Job Description

Position:              Chapter & Events Manager

Reports To:         Vice President Membership & Business Development, President

General Description

The Chapter & Events Manager is responsible for supporting and managing events for the Association to help engage members and non-members. The person in this role will oversee events for our eight VRLTA Chapters, Chapter Board meetings as well as support our larger state-wide events for the Association.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan, promote and execute the Fall and Winter Membership meetings as directed by the team
  • Plan, promote and execute the execute the Ordinary Awards reception & dinner event as directed by the team
  • Plan, promote and execute all Chapter events for the Association on a quarterly basis alongside the Vice President Membership & Business Development & Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Create all Chapter events in MemberClicks and partner with the Vice President Membership & Business Development & Director of Marketing & Communications on marketing schedule for each event
  • Manage all event registrations in MemberClicks while ensuring accuracy and timely communication with our members and prospects
  • Track and report on all event registration invoicing to ensure timely payment is received for all event and event sponsorships
  • Assist Director of Government Affairs on Annual Legislative and Day on the Hill events as main contact for event and event logistics
  • Assist Vice President of Education & Workforce Development on Annual VPSI Conference
  • Assist Vice President of Education & Workforce Development on Regional Teacher Conferences/Symposiums and Student Boot Camps
  • Provide event support for the Annual VA1 Governors Tourism Conference in conjunction with the Conference Programming Committee and Conference Planning team
  • Assist with local and state advocacy meetings, including encouraging attendance, fundraising, securing sponsorships
  • Assist the Director of Marketing and Communications to effectively communicate upcoming events, through the association website platform, Membership CRM, Microsoft Outlook and other applicable means of communications
  • Schedule all virtual Chapter Board meetings in conjunction with the VRLTA Master calendar and each Chapter Board’s availability as directed & approved by the Vice President of Membership & Business Development
  • Prepare all Chapter Board Meeting agendas in advance for Board meetings while coordinating with the VRLTA team and each Chapter President for agenda approval prior to Board meeting.
  • Send out all event and Chapter Board meeting Outlook calendar invites to Boards as details are confirmed
  • Manage on-site registration, setup and breakdown of all VRLTA events
  • Attend state and local meetings and events as determined by the President of VRLTA and Vice President Membership & Business Development
  • Assist with post event analytics and communications with event host as directed by the Vice President Membership & Business Development
  • Attend and participate regularly in staff meetings as scheduled
  • Maintain and keep current all prospecting and member information in company database
  • Reports directly to the Vice President Membership & Business Development and the President of VRLTA
  • Other duties as assigned by the President of VRLTA

Personal Attributes

  • Reliability: Produces high quality work while showing up on time and meeting consist deadlines.
  • Independent: Able to work independently using focus, resources and time management skills to stay on track.
  • Trustworthy: Able to convey trustworthiness based on honesty and personal integrity, earning and maintaining the trust and respect of staff, other managers and the President.
  • People Oriented: Believes in other people and their potential to get things done; works to help others optimize their performance, contributions and behaviors; cares about people as individuals as well as employees/independent contractors.
  • Positive: Radiates positive energy and enthusiasm to get things done.
  • Service Oriented: Understands that he/she is in a service business and that the satisfaction of members is the number one priority.
  • Commitment and Dedication: Willing to make the commitment and sacrifices necessary to do what it takes to make him/herself as well as the association successful.
  • Organization: Able to prioritize important tasks for their fulfillment and accomplishment.
  • Problem Solving: Able to proactively identify, solve and prevent problems.
  • Follow-through: Committed to effective follow-through and attention to detail.
  • Involved: Always involved and practices hands-on management to continually learn about the association, its people and members.
  • Flexible and Adaptable: Willing to listen to and try new ideas and approaches; not wedded to “just one way”; able to think on his/her feet and adapt to changing needs, conditions and circumstances; able to assess a situation and respond appropriately.
  • Self-Motivated: Continually exhibits a positive “can do” attitude with a high-energy level that enables him/her to get things done while conveying enthusiasm and energy for others to do likewise, and a willingness to propose new ideas to the team.
  • Self-Confident: Radiates self-confidence while encouraging others to be self-confident as well.
  • Self-Disciplined: Meets his/her commitments; able to stay the course in turbulent times; able to keep the most important things uppermost in his/her mind; willing to demand performance and results in the fact of difficulty, resistance and/or apathy.
  • Decisive: Able to initiate and sustain change as well as make expedient and well-conceived decisions.
  • Accountable: Accepts full responsibility for his/her obligations and commitments, demands accountability in and from others, and understand his/her responsibility for the association’s success, committed to achieving results in the appropriate way.
  • Even-tempered: Has an easy-going personality and stays cool and rational in difficult situations. Provides a calming influence in situations by being in control of him/herself.
  • Balance: Able to balance personal and work life to maintain a happy and healthy perspective on all endeavors.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Events or related field a plus
  • Minimum 1+year’s event experience
  • Experience with associations/nonprofits a plus
  • On-site in Richmond Office
  • Full/Part time position

Excellent, flexible and fun work environment. Competitive salary wage plus commission. Send cover letter and resume to: VRLTA, 5101 Monument Avenue, Suites 206, Richmond, VA 23230 or email [email protected]