Reports to: General Manager Job Summary:

Responsible for creating and maintaining all menus and recipes used in the restaurant, and for the preparation, presentation, and service of these menu items.  Also hires, disciplines and develops all kitchen staff.

Qualification Standards:

Prefer upscale/fine dining experience

Must have minimum $6 Million Annual Revenue Exp

Prefer a minimum of 5 years chef experience in a full-service restaurant or the equivalent

Essential Functions:

Must be willing and able to:

  • Ultimate responsibility for Back of House payroll
  • Scheduling of chef management, line cooks and prep cooks
  • Ultimate responsibility to maintaining food cost controls
  • Managing and development of Executive Sous Chef, Sous Chefs, coordinators and cooks
  • Schedule, conduct and document management and Teammate reviews according to standing operating procedure
  • Practice, train, monitor and maintain sanitation standards, including state and local health guidelines
  • Interview, hire, develop, train and manage all prep cooks, line cooks, coordinators and back of house trainers.
  • Perform a daily “walk through” inventory to determine daily production and prioritize product utilization
  • Assign production duties to all kitchen staff
  • Identify and communicate inventory and equipment needs to ordering manager
  • Perform a lunch and dinner line check to ensure quality of all items
  • Track high cost items according to standing operating procedure
  • Determine weekly lunch and dinner specials.
  • Assign Teammate meals according to standing operating procedure
  • Assign food items for VIP appetizers and pass outs
  • Meet daily with sous chefs to coordinate and ensure production standards
  • Write agenda / Conduct shift cook meetings
  • Perform all responsibilities of each position in kitchen: sous chef, coordinator, pastry chef, saucier, line cook, prep cook, and steward functions.
  • Properly use, handle, clean, breakdown, and maintain all kitchen equipment
  • Maintain food quality standards including consistency and presentation
  • Coordinate proper food storage according to standing operating procedure
  • Communicate repair and maintenance needs to management
  • Uphold applicable policies and requirements of employment laws
  • Organize and conduct a weekly meeting with sous chefs
  • Follow termination procedures
  • Identify, address and document individual Teammate discipline problems according to standing operating procedure
  • Develop strategies to control food costs


Must be willing and able to:

  • Document appropriate information in Kitchen and Management Log Books daily
  • Review information in Kitchen and Management Log Books daily
  • Attend appropriate management meetings
  • Attend appropriate Continuing Education Seminars
  • Review pertinent reports and make appropriate adjustments
  • Maintain a well-manicured appearance and persona that reflects the established image of the restaurant
  • Read appropriate intercompany Memorandums
  • Be an active team player
  • Lead by example
  • Lead a team of co-workers and effectively delegate appropriate duties to achieve optimum service to guests
  • Manage trainees in a fair and equitable manner
  • Follow supervisor’s instructions
  • Work under more that average stressful conditions
  • Make appropriate judgement calls under stressful conditions
  • Be responsible for the material in the training manuals and the handbook
  • Adhere to standing documentation procedure of new hires
  • Direct Teammates in proper service techniques

EOE – Equal Opportunity Employer