Posted: Jan 5, 2022

Adjunct Professor Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Information System Course

Application Deadline: N/A


Introduces management information systems (MIS) technology and its application to hospitality, tourism and event management (HTEM) sectors from managerial and strategic perspectives. Surveys computer applications, products and trends in gathering, analyzing, storing and communicating information within the HTEM sectors.



1. Describe how managers use information technology to solve problem and make decisions;

2. Describe the role of, and describe the function of property management systems, reservation systems, POS, Restaurant management systems, and sales and catering systems;

3. Describe database management;

4. Apply hospitality-specific software to appropriate situations; and describe the role of hospitality managers in information systems development; and

5. Describe the role of hospitality managers in information systems development.


Minimum qualification is a master’s degree.